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After its closing yesterday, the share price fell 8.23%, a report that the company ended the second quarter with a strong sales loss, and stayed in tune with analysts expectations. A net loss of 454 million, not only did it distract investors, but also reassured the public. You would say that the bottom of the company has already been reached, and that the company’s performance will only improve.
Source: Intel.
In addition, Intels profit margin has steadily decreased from 50.4% to 36.5%, showing an unprecedented rise in cost while the net profit net has fallen below 6%. The total income of Intels in the quarter ended up falling between 17 % and 22 % based on the calculation method, to $15.32 billion. This is 4% less than analysts expected, and is contrary to an anti-record in terms of market expectations for the period from 1999 to 2014.
The company’s CEO, Patrick Gelsinger said on a quarterly reporting event that the sudden and sharp decline in customer economic activity was the reason for the company’s income decline in the reporting period. Totodater, Intel spent a considerable amount on the development of new products, the development new technologies and the promotion of single-twin graphics solutions. Even though the smallest quantity of semiconductor components continues to be lacking, Intel can’t do as well as supply the market with its products.
Image Source: Intel.
In reviewing its spending priorities, Intel hopes to return profit margins and free cash flow to target levels in the second half of the year. Gelsinger didn’t miss the opportunity to speak about the company’s achievements in the second quarter. The technology compiled by the old hierarchy of the decadent processing equipment was made up of 35 million processors. The company is ready for the serial production of products based on Intel 4 in the second half of this year. According to the company chief, the development of the Intel 3, 20A and 18A technologies is taken as in a time, or even as a time, to meet the planned timescale. Those who want to start working on digital projects for several products with immediate effect will continue, and in the future it will be able to get the first few copies of Intel 3 and 18A technologies, not only for its own needs, but also for third-party customers.
Image Source: Intel.
Since Gelsingers returned to Intel in February last year, he noted, the decision was made to end six operations in six areas, giving up about $5 billion for the IDM 2.0 strategic program. The tense economic environment does not deter Intel’s desire to return to technological leadership by 2025 and achieve lithography competitiveness by 2024.
According to Intel’s forecast, PC market capacity will shrink by 10% in 2022, however demand looms less pronounced in the higher price segment and the firm sector. According to company management, Intel customers received less components than they would require if there were no increased stocks. According to Gelsinger, they will cut them at a record speed, and thus the supply of components of the computer may return to growth in the second half of the year. In general, annual sales of computers should go up to 300 million units, and number of computers over 4 years has already reached 600 million units, and they are subject to modernization in the foreseeable future.
In general, the total revenue for Intels clients has gone up from $3.7 billion to $7.7 billion. Profit margins fell from 33.9 to 14.4%. The company blames the demand for PCs on the drop in consumers and the education sector, as well as the increased inventories of the manufacturers. Increasing production costs Intel calls this one of the factors that caused the decline in operating income in the second quarter. As for the processing price, a shift in demand in the mobile and desktop segment, the average sales price of the processor increased by 11 % in the second quarter.
The company hopes to ship Raptor Lake processors in the coming half of the year and introduce those later to Meteor Lake processors. Raptor Lake family is first starting in the desktop segment this fall. It will introduce mobile towards the end of the semester, resulting in a double-digit percentage increase in performance compared to Alder Lake and compatibility at the processor level. The Meteor Lake processors will be released on Intel 4 in 2023, so the samples work in the company’s own laboratories and on the side of its customers.
Intel has already begun with the development of the technology for Granite Rapids chips that will be built with Intel 3 technology, but it isn’t a product of any kind or a service. In the next quarter, a test bench will be launched to prepare for the second stepping of the granite section.
Image Source: Intel.
In the server segment, things aren’t so gloomy yet. The company had to reduce server revenue by 16 to 4 billion dollars in the second quarter, but its management expects to expect a sales-per-year rise by 15-18.6 per year. The operating profit margin dropped from 30% to 5% in the server segment. Among the positive factors, the company blamed the diminution in the selling price of servers under the influence of different modes of production such as the competition and the pressure in relation to the price difference. The profitability of this work can also be lowered due to the need to invest in the development of new products and in the development of new lithographic standards.
Intel had to admit that this year the company will not be able to achieve the previously planned figures for the number of shipped GPUs, but in terms of revenue it will exceed $1 billion at the end of the year. From the second quarter the Arc Mobile Discrete Graphics Solutions are shipped to the major manufacturers. The company will begin shipping mini-computers Arc A5 and A7 in the third quarter. This year, Intel expects to ship several million Blockscale mining accelerators, although this wasn’t originally planned. In the graph direction, Intels revenue for the year increased 5% to $186 million, and its operating loss continued to rise from $168 to $507 million, but this type of activity isn’t profitable for the company.
Image Source: Intel.
With demand for mobileyes active-drive assistance systems, the company increased core revenue by 41 percent to a record $460 million, while operating profits rose to 190 million. Mobileye is going to go public this year. Finally, the contract line, which is separated from the new reporting structure, brought Intel up only a 122 million dollar a year. That is 54% less than a year ago. The company’s unpaid financial loss is partly due to high expansion costs and a lower demand for carmakers, who had to cope with major shortages of parts.
It’s already that Intel can boast that it has a full list of companies with mediaTek, and an in-house salesperson on the top of the top 10 chips and a high-end product line, already with a single purchaser. The company has made contract agreements for six billion dollars already, while more than 30 clients are ready to receive first hand and first industrial samples of Intel’s products. The company expects to acquire Tower Semiconductor in early next year.
Intel CEO David Zinsner said that before the end of the year, the company will not only limit the hire of new staff, but also reduce capital expenditures. According to him, a recession scenario will eventually happen in the global economy; if the consequences of the pandemic can’t be completely ruined. At the end of the current year, Intel expected to earn from 65 to 668, which is far lower than the company’s previously forecast of 72 billion dollars. In the second half of the year, Intels revenue in the client sector may grow, although in general, the market capacity should drop by 10 % by the end of the year. The company will end the year with a negative cash flow between one and two billion dollars.
The profit margin is predicted to reach at least 51% by the fourth quarter, but by the end of the year the gross margin will never exceed 49%. Finally, the company’s capital expenditures should be reduced from 27 to 23 billion dollars. It won’t block shareholders from maintaining dividends to shareholders at a cost of 1,5 billion dollars per quarter. In just three quarters, the company will pay a dividend of more than 4.5 billion dollars and with a $4 billion cut in capital expenditures this looks like a waste, but not in the eyes of shareholders. The company expects to gain from 15 to 16 billion dollars in the third quarter. The profit margin for the current quarter will be 46.4 o’clock.
According to Intels’ financial forecast, the second quarter will be a low in its financial performance and therefore is a good fit for further growth. The companies share said they would respond to such statements and the publication of statistics showed a depreciation of 8,23%.
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