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The XR Rdk Will Enable Creation and Deployment of Knowledge Skills on a Well Defined Cloud Robotics Platform, Expanding the Industry Ecosystem and Market Size
CloudMinds Technology, a creator and developer of mobile cloud robot systems, unveiled details surrounding its XR Robotics Development Kit (XR RDK) and its innovative cloud brain platform for the cloud robot ecosystem. Details were released at TechCrunch Sessions on Robotics AI 2019.
Join us today, April 18 at the TechCrunch Sessions on Robotics and AI! XR1: Intelligent Service Robot with Cloud Brain and Smart Joint with Bill Huang (CloudMinds) – Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley #ai #cloud #techcrunch
Coinciding with the planned release later this year of its highly intelligent, service-oriented, humanoid robot, the XR-1, CloudMinds’ XR RDK will provide a software platform and infrastructure for programmers, robotics developers, and eventually end users to create and develop robotic skills for the XR-1 and subsequent robots in the XR series.
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The XR RDK will play a key enablement role in cloud robotics similar to the way the smartphone revolution was driven by the intersecting development of powerful hardware and software. It allows for the production of vast robotics skill applications created by independent developers and made available through a Robotics Skill Marketplace. These robotics skill applications can be deployed to the cloud brain and operate on XR-1 and future XR series of cloud robots.
As a producer and operator of cloud robots, CloudMinds is spearheading the creation of a robotics ecosystem where independent developers can develop, ship and sell specialty robotics applications and software to a variety of cloud robots, beginning with the XR-1.
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The HARIX platform is designed to operate millions of cloud robots simultaneously and it organically integrates AI capabilities such as vision processing, natural language processing, robotic motion control, and vision-guided grasping and manipulation. Through deep learning, reinforcement learning, and imitation learning techniques, robotics intelligence will begin to converge quickly with human intelligence in various use cases.
Powered by two ground-breaking technologies: intelligent robot joints – Smart Compliant Actuators (SCAs) and a cloud brain – Human Augmented Robotic Intelligence with Extreme Reality (HARIX), the XR-1 breaks the bottleneck in commercially deploying humanoid service robots at scale. The XR-1 can be deployed as an assistant robot in retail, hospitality, senior care, and many other applications.
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One of the important complimentary offerings of the RDK will be the RDE (Robotics Development Environment), an online development and simulation system featuring a HARIX Digital Twin. Powered by MMO gaming technology, the RDE allows for real-time interaction with a digital twin of the XR-1 robot through VR and motion-capture devices in a virtual environment. In this gaming environment, developers can train a robot by demonstrating various skills to its digital twin. Using deep learning, the twin can perfect new skills through imitation, repetition, and reinforcement. Once tested and perfected, these skills can be transferred from the virtual environment of the RDK to the physical XR-1 robot and deployed in real life situations.
Bill Huang, CloudMinds co-founder and CEO, noted, “Unlike industrial robots, service robots work to serve people in countless ways and require just as many skills. We created the XR-1 RDK and HARIX Digital Twin to facilitate just that, the easy creation and testing of robotics skills. Similar to the way Apple created the iPhone ecosystem, we believe the time has come for creating a cloud service robot ecosystem for the HARIX Cloud Brain and XR-1 Humanoid Robot. We will continue to expand the XR RDK to cover all future XR series cloud robots.”
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